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What is a rally?
It’s a very social gathering held at a temporary “campsite”, for Caravan Club members. Rally sites are often not accessible to other caravanners, which gives ralliers exclusive access to these venues.

What sort of Club is the Buckinghamshire (or Bucks) Centre?
The Bucks Centre is just a part of The Caravan Club, made of ordinary folk, all of whom enjoy getting out and about in their caravan or motorhome. We don’t have any weird or secret customs or practices and are made up of members from all walks of life and ranging in ages from babies, through teenagers, middle agers - all the way to very senior citizens. The Centre (or Club) is run by a committee of volunteers, all of whom are Bucks Ralliers.

How long does a rally last?
This varies, but most commonly a rally is held from Friday afternoon/evening through to Sunday afternoon/evening. Of course, actual arrival and departure time will be up to you.

Can rallies last longer than a weekend?
Yes. Sometimes rallies are organised over a longer period, such as bank holidays, or even two week holidays.

Where are rallies held?
Bucks Centre Rallies are usually, but by no means exclusively, held in Buckinghamshire. Some of the longer rallies are held further afield and holiday rallies are held in popular destinations, either in the UK or abroad.

I’ve heard there are no facilities on rally fields, is this true?
Yes and no. Many of our rally sites are situated in venues that would otherwise not be used by caravanners, such as fields adjacent to rivers, large farmers fields or large school playing fields (usually winter time). Of course, these do not have electric hook up points, or sanitary buildings. Don’t be put off though, ralliers find that they manage very easily on their own toilet facilities, 12 volt electrics and gas supply. There will always be a fresh water point and a toilet emptying point. However, some of our rallies do have electric hook up and some will have sanitary blocks – details of these will be specified in the rally book.

What happens at a rally and who goes to them?
A rally is just another way to use your caravan/motorhome and socialise with other caravanners. Some rallies have a social event organised for Saturday evening, often with a particular theme, (to which there is no obligation to attend) whilst others are quieter and less organised. The rally book contains more details for each rally. Ralliers come in ‘all shapes and
sizes’ ranging from babies to 90 yr olds!

Do I have to book to go to a rally?
Yes. If you look in the rally book, you will find details of how and where to send your booking form, and how much this will cost. A few rallies have to be paid for in advance, but most are payable upon arrival.

How much do rallies cost?
This varies upon the venue and length of the rally. Some rallies will also have a social charge (where a social event has been organised) and this will be an additional charge to the rally fee. Generally, social fees are only a couple of £’s but may be more for special events, such as the Christmas or New Year Parties. Details of all rally fees are published in the rally book and any social fees that are in excess of £5 will be advised of in advance.

When is rallying season?
All year round!

I’m worried that I won’t fit in or ‘do things right’. What should I do?
Just book in and come to a rally! You’ll see that we are just ordinary people like you. You will be made very welcome and soon be wondering what you were worrying about. Many long lasting friendships are formed as a result of rallying, so don’t be surprised if your ‘circle of friends’ dramatically increases after rallying.

Are rallies suitable for my children?
Definitely YES. Children have a great time at rallies, meeting and mixing with friends old and new! The Bucks Centre even has it’s own youth (or junior) committee, run by the youngsters, for the youngsters!

Are pets allowed on rallies?
Yes, well behaved pets are always welcome. Of course, to ensure the comfort and safety of everyone, we do ask that dogs are kept on a lead whilst on the rally site and that all mess is immediately cleared up. Some of our ralliers even bring their cats, birds and rabbits!

Do you have to be a Bucks Centre member to go to a Bucks Rally?
No, but you do have to belong to The Caravan Club.

My Caravan is a bit old and tatty, does it matter?
Absolutely not! Our rally site has a mixture of caravans, motorhomes and vehicles of all ages. We’re all here to enjoy our hobby and are not interested in ‘one-upmanship’!

I have some more questions which aren’t answered here, what should I do?
You can contact any of the committee shown on this website, who will be happy to answer any of your questions.